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At Micro Dental, you're not just a patient, you're family. Our team is dedicated to providing a warm, welcoming environment where you can relax and trust in our expertise. Your smile is our success.

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Step into Micro Dental, an Specialist Dental Clinic, and experience a seamless blend of time-honored practices with the latest in dental technology. Our family-owned legacy ensures you receive personalized care with every visit.

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From the moment you walk in, to your follow-up care, Micro Dental's commitment to professionalism shines through. We prioritize your comfort, ensuring that every procedure is carried out with utmost accuracy and care.


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Precision at Every Step

With state-of-the-art equipment and a keen eye for detail, every procedure at Micro Dental epitomizes precision. Our commitment is to ensure accuracy in diagnosis and treatment, ensuring optimal results and patient comfort.

Transformative Smile Designs

Unlock the potential of your smile with our range of cosmetic and corrective treatments. From veneers to Invisalign, we craft bespoke solutions that resonate with your individual aesthetic and functional needs.

Personalized Care & Consultation

Our patient-first approach ensures you're not just another appointment. Engage in thorough consultations, where we listen to your concerns, desires, and tailor our services to resonate with your unique oral health journey.

A Team Like No Other

At the heart of Micro Dental is a collective of dedicated professionals, bound by a shared passion for dentistry and a commitment to excellence. Experience the synergy of expertise, care, and innovation with every visit.

Crafted Care for Every Smile

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Client testimonials

Discover real stories from real patients at Micro Dental. Our commitment to dental excellence and unparalleled patient care resonates in the voices of those we've had the privilege to serve. Through a blend of modern techniques, personalized approaches, and genuine dedication, we've transformed smiles and made lasting impressions. Dive into these testimonials to get a firsthand glimpse of the trusted dental experiences we offer, and understand why so many choose us as their preferred Specialist Dental Clinic.

    “Throughout my life, I've always hesitated to smile, both among family and in society. As soon as I learned about Micro Dental clinic, the word 'hesitation' no longer exists in my vocabulary. Now, thanks to the doctors at this clinic, I always smile in my life.”
     “I've always had issues with tooth infections. At the Micro Dental clinic, they not only treat your teeth but treat you with professionalism and love.”
    “I had heard about the work of Micro Dental even in the state where I live in the United States, and the moment I visited this clinic, I was rendered speechless by their work.”
    “Ever since I was little, I've been afraid of doctors, which led to the deterioration of all my teeth. However, at the Micro Dental clinic, I'm so fascinated by their work that I wish I could become young again and visit their clinic.”

Every moment matters when it comes to your dental health. Reach out, and let's craft your dream smile together.

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Q: Why is it important to have regular dental check-ups?
A: Regular check-ups detect early dental issues, ensuring optimal oral health and professional cleanings to remove hard-to-reach plaque.

Q: How often should I change my toothbrush?
A: Replace your toothbrush every 3-4 months or when bristles fray to maintain effective cleaning and hygiene.

Q: What is the difference between a dental implant and a dental bridge?
A: An implant uses a titanium post anchored in the jaw to replace a tooth, while a bridge is a prosthetic tooth supported by adjacent teeth.

Q: Is teeth whitening safe?
A: When done by professionals using approved products, it's generally safe, but some might experience temporary sensitivity.

Q: Why do my gums bleed when I brush or floss?
A: Bleeding gums can indicate gingivitis due to plaque build-up. Persistent bleeding requires a dentist's attention.